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Staff Directory

Ahmed, Samina Annual Sub
Alexander, James CSA (Security)
Battle, Joanne CSA (Security)
Blowe, Rosalyn Long Term Sub/English
Brown, Tracy Main  Office
Bryant, William CSA
Browne, Cheryl IA
Cherry, Victor Software Engineering
Coles, Carl Carpentry
Collier, Andre CSA
Cousins, Mary School Nurse
Cowans, Alfred Custodian
Davis, Allison Compliance Coordinator
Davis, Nicholas Math (Cohort)
Davis-Heggs, R. Nurse Aid
Davis, Roderick Eng. Design/Prin. of Eng
Delaurentis, Lisa CSA
Edwards Rachel
Ekstrom, George Welding
Foster, Vonita Media Specialist
Goodwine,Tesha Intro Health/Med. Terms
Green, Julian Electricity
Harris, Craig Auto Body /Motor Sport
Hill-Charity, Cat Entrepreneurship/Adv
Higgs, Joseline Custodian
Jones, Pamela SPED
Koslovic,Deborah SPED
Lake, Henrietta Mail Office
Lomax, J. Strategic Enrollment
McCabe, C.     LIEP                   
Miley, R. Small Animal Care
Miller, Dremon Emer.Med/Criminal Justice
Mitchum, J. Principal
Monts, Sean Culinary Arts/Pastry Arts
Paige, Donna Cosmetology
Pierce, Tiffany Pharmacy Technician
Randolph, K. IntroH/MedSci/Sports Med
Rosa, Leone Veterinary Science
Scroggins, D. Crew Chief (Night)
Singleton, S. Main Office/SAF
Smith, Alida Assistant Principal
Smith, Drequan Crew Lead (Day)
Taylor, Annette Custodian
Taylor, Jeffrey Graphics Imagining Tech
Taylor, Johnnell Cosmetology
Taylor, Karla School  Counselor
Thompson, M. Eng. Design/Adv. Drawing
Turner, Troy Custodian
Wait, Elizabeth Academic Support EE
Watson,Charles Career Facilitator
Williams, C. Nurse Aide
Williams, Mary Engineering/Cyber
Winston-M, L. Culinary Arts
Woodson,A. Master Barbering


THRIVE Academy Staff



Email Address 

Ms. Chanel Lewis

Assistant Principal

Dr. Kerry Smith 



Mr. Rahel Shawul 


Mr. Eric Laroche 



Mr. Naveed Bari 


Ms. Zolandria Vega

Special Education

Ms. Inga Bell

Admin Office Associate

Valerie Henson 

School Counselor

Dr. Allison Davis

ICC /Compliance (shared w/ RTC)

Mrs. Mya Cousins  (Johnson)

RTC Nurse


Other Supports


Selina Wilson 

Shared Transition Specialist