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Beginning July 1, 2023, every public high school in Virginia must publicly identify on its official website the faculty member responsible for special education transition planning and coordination. Va. Code § 22.1-217.3.

The district-designated Transition Mentor Teacher for RTC is Karen Young,

Transition Mentor Teacher

Roles and Responsibilities for Specialty High Schools:
● Connect with the school(s): Communicate electronically once per month.
● Consult with case managers (as requested): Identify students in need of transition services; maintain a spreadsheet of progress for each student.
● Transition IEP Goals (as requested): Provide guidance on appropriate annual and post-secondary goals related to transition services.
● Link students with agencies (as requested): Monitor applications for post-secondary agency support (DARS, etc). Document all referrals to agencies.
● Post-Secondary Transition Events: Keep students, families, and school staff informed of opportunities and events related to transition and post-secondary options.

Staff at RTC who Support the Academic, Career, and Transition needs of sTUDents with Special Education services:   

  • Dr. Allison Davis, Instructional Compliance Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Wait, Academic Support Teacher
  • Pamela Jones, Special Education Teacher, General Curriculum
  • Deborah Koslovis, Special Education Teacher, General Curriculum
  • Alida Smith, Assistant Principal