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High School CTE Programs

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RTC Student EMT Training

Our students receiving hands-on training in Emergency Medical Class.

Sports Medicine Student Training

Students in RTC Sports Medicine working on an arm injury.

HOSA Students

RTC students participating in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), an organization which is international and focuses on future health professionals.

RTC Program Offerings

CTE Career Pathways Booklet

RTC offers 30+ pathways to lucrative post-secondary careers.  Read on to explore course offerings and potential salaries. 

Discover how "We StaRT Careers"!

SchooLinks Portal

A college and career readiness tool that empowers students by streamlining Post-secondary planning.

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RPS High School Program of Studies 

Every  RPS  high  school  offers  a  course  of  study  that  enables  students  to  meet  the graduation  requirements  for  the  Advanced  Studies  or  Standard  Diploma  while  also providing  opportunities  to  explore  coursework  beyond  those  requirements. 

Access the guide for 2022-23