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Q. Who can attend RTC?

Richmond Technical Center serves all students from the comprehensive schools and several specialty schools including Franklin Military, Richmond Community, and Open High. 

Q.  What is offered at RTC?

Our unique programs offer 40+ pathways in the career and technical fields to meet the needs and interests of all types of learners, whether pursuing the Advanced, Standard or Applied Studies Diploma.  In addition, RTC houses two alternative programs and the adult education program. 

Q.  What about transportation?

Students who attend RTC during the day receive transportation from their home school to the center and return to their home school before the end of the day.  This allows students to enjoy any extra-curricular activities that their home school may offer. 

Q.  What about class size?

The classes at RTC are small, with twenty or fewer students each, therefore offering personal and individualized attention for every student. 

Q.  Who are the instructors?

RTC instructors are veterans in the field that they teach and most still work in their industry part-time and/or during the summer.  Many are current or previous business owners in the field, bringing first hand knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship!

Q.  What will a student obtain by attending RTC?

By participating in courses at RTC, students will receive credits towards graduation and will be provided opportunities to earn industry credentials demonstrating entry-level skills in their chosen pathway.  Some students will have opportunities to earn college credits.  Our goal is for every student to graduate with a diploma and a path toward a high skill, high demand, high wage career!