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Where is the Governor’s CTE Academy for STEM?

We are located within Richmond Technical Center, located North of the City.

When do students attend the Academy?

The academy hours are held within the district’s high school schedule.  Students participate in two courses each year, earning between 2-4 credits per year depending on the program concentration. 

This is a part-time program, so how does transportation work?

Students attend the Academy during the day and receive transportation from their home school to the center, then return to their home school before the end of the day.  This allows students to enjoy any extra-curricular activities that their home school may offer.

Will my child still receive a Standard or Advanced Diploma if they attend the Academy?

Absolutely!  The courses at the Academy are Career and Technical elective credits which count towards the student's graduation requirements.  Students will still pursue their natural course of study in Honors/AP courses, foreign language, and other core content areas at their home school.

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