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THRIVE High School

The THRIVE Academy is a high school credit recovery program that affords high school students the opportunity to recover credits that they were not able to earn at the comprehensive school. Our overall objective is to assist students with earning credits at an accelerated pace so that they ultimately graduate (on time) with their peers. The impacts that we would like to achieve are:

  • increasing self confidence
  • foster self efficacy
  • capitalize on smaller class size (more 1:1 instruction)
  • build positive relationships by creating an encouraging environment
  • parental and community involvement

Visit the RPS Secondary Pathways website for more Alternate Education learning opportunities.

Welcome to the THRIVE Academy Graduation hub.  You will find all informtion related to graduation on the link below:


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The mission of THRIVE Academy is foster a flexible, supportive educational environment, where over- aged, under-credited students can maximize their learning potential and recover needed high school credits in a non-traditional setting. 


The vision of THRIVE Academy is to assist  students in actualizing  their goal to earn a high school diploma and  identifying tangible post-secondary plans for success, thus becoming productive global citizens.


Ms. Chanel Lewis, Assistant Principal
THRIVE High School  
RTC North 
2015 Seddon Way
Richmond, VA 23227 



Ms. Selina Wilson, Special Education Transition Coordinator





We honor equity and inclusion for all students. Our core values include: